As a single father to my son John, I understand the difficulties of finding help and support from a community as a single parent. Without a spouse or partner in the mix, raising your child while also earning a living and keeping your home running can feel completely overwhelming and isolating. But I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone.

If you’re a single parent seeking a community who understands your struggle, here are some places you can turn. These are all resources that, had I known about them back when I was raising my son, would have made my life feel a heck of a lot more normal, and more manageable.

Facebook groups. Facebook groups are out there for every individual—they have them for writers, for business owners, for cat lovers, and luckily for us, they even have groups for single parents. They have large groups with thousands of members like Surviving Single Parenthood, but you can also look for local groups in your community to connect with. This website is similar to a Facebook group in that it offers hundreds of groups for all kinds of communities, but the difference is that these groups meet in person! Look on your local feed for a single parenting group that gets together to discuss the joys and trials of single parenthood, and maybe even find someone willing to switch off play date times with you!

Parents Without Partners. This is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the “welfare and interests of single parents and their children.” They have chapters all over the world that bring single parents together to offer resources and support. Bring your child along and immerse them in a healthy environment they’ll love, with other kids living in the same type of structured environment that they are.

Do you know any single parents in your life? Make sure to send them this article along with a little love. Support from friends and the community they already have goes a long way!