Night Buddies in the Kitchen

One thing young readers notice right away about the Night Buddies Adventures is that Crosley loves pineapple cheesecake. One way to enhance the Night Buddies reading experience is to make a pineapple cheesecake with your child. Cooking together is not only fun and yummy but can also build reading skills. Start by finding a simple […]

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Read Aloud at All Ages

We were late to the Harry Potter series. Three or four books were already out when we got the first one. We decided to read it aloud together as a family. That began a years-long journey together through the world of Hogwarts. When the final book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, […]

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Top 3 Ways We Can Benefit From Creativity

Have you noticed that as our world has become more uncertain, more and more people are turning to creativity to express their feelings? Whether it’s enjoying someone else’s creation (like reading a book) or making their own creations (baking, painting, writing), it seems like creativity is finally starting to be seen as something that’s not […]

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The Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to daylight savings? I sure am! Did you know that the group daylight savings is the hardest on are parents? It’s not easy for kids to adjust to a new sleeping schedule, which can mean long, sleepless nights for both kids and parents alike.  If you’re in […]

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cartoon - dad with baby

Finding Community as a Single Parent

As a single father to my son John, I understand the difficulties of finding help and support from a community as a single parent. Without a spouse or partner in the mix, raising your child while also earning a living and keeping your home running can feel completely overwhelming and isolating. But I’m here to […]

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