Meet the Characters

Hey, guys, Cros an’ me an’ all the others thank you for checkin’ us out. I’m John, okay? The young kid with no middle name that’s featured in all the Programs. (That’s the Night Buddies word for adventures.) If ya really need t’ know, I’ve got curly hair an’ big round brown eyes, an’ like who cares, right? But everybody kids me about it, even Cros, an’ it gets old sometimes. But I deal with it. The Program’s the important thing, an’ we sure hope you’ll come along on ours!

Welcome t’ the Night Buddies organization! Me an’ John are here for just one reason: t’ be your Program guides! We promise t’ scare ya an’ keep ya awake an’ make ya laugh (Yerk! Yerk!). Ya may awready know I’m a hog about pineapple cheesecakes, right? An’ if ya know that, ya know I’m bright red all over—the only crocodile in the world like that. Join us on our first Program an’ you’ll find out why!

Hey there! I’m the biggest woman you ever seen an’ that’s a fact! Me an’ Johnson make all the pineapple cheesecakes there is in the world, an’ I guess I’ve got so I can’t stand the sight of ‘em no more. Brother Crosley an’ me conduct a whole lot o’ business, an’ I can always call on Brother Crenwinkle when I got a problem too. John, he’s a real smart kid. With the biggest roundest brown eyes!

Hello. You haven’t met me, have you? I’m Crosley’s brother Crenwinkle and I’m a genius. (Hk!) I run the Night Buddies Headquarters from a hidden location and hand out Program assignments. I’m also a wizard and make all of Crosley’s whatchamacallits. (Wuk!) Sorry, I do hiccup a lot. Goodbye for now; we’re certain to meet before long.

Hi, guys, I’m somebody you definitely want to know. That’s because I run the All-Night Emporium that sells and services far-out flying machines. There couldn’t be any second Program without me. I really love working with John and Crosley, but Crosley does drive me nuts sometimes!

Halloo, lads an’ lassies. I’m the fat guy with the sauerkraut an’ jellybean hot dog cart. (I own the secret recipe, don’t ya see.) I’m also an expert with far-out flyin’ machines. That makes me a huge deal in Program Two!

Hi, sleepyheads, or not! I don’t need t’ tell ya about Crosley’s thing for pineapple cheesecakes, do I? Well, guess what! I run a sure-enough pineapple cheesecake stand in the Borough, an’ Crosley’s my number one customer! (Also my number two, three, four, and five.) We really depend on each other, an’ you’ll see a lot of me in Night Buddies, Impostors and One Far-Out Flying Machine.

Hello, children. I’m a gentlewoman of a certain age, and I sold mole milk in Subway Station Eight for years until the demand for it ended. Now I deal in party favors. I can have any sort of party favors delivered to your home by tomorrow afternoon. Horses, bicycles, balloons, anything!

Who I am is for me t’ know an’ yew t’ find out!