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Yigg! It Sure Looks Like a Showdown!

Sands Hetherington has penned Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 – the long-awaited 4th book in the award winning, fun-filled children’s book series.

And guess what? The iguanas are back to their stinky shenanigans. Yep! They’ve fitted out the flying school bus for real mischief and are marauding all over the Borough. They’ve really got it in for John and Crosley who must sniff out their evildoings before it’s too late! Will they succeed? Join the Night Buddies in their racing blimp for this exhilarating  new adventure!

Adventures After Lights Out! has never been more delightful! Kids will soak up the excitement on every page!


Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264
Sands Hetherington
Illustrated by Natalie Leininger
List $8.99
Trade softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9847417-6-2
Published by Dune Buggy Press, Greensboro, NC
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Sands Hetherington
About the Author

Sands Hetherington credits his son John for being his principal motivator. Sands raised his son as a single parent from the time John was six. He read to him every night during those formative years. He and young John developed the Crosley crocodile character in the series during months of bedtime story give-and-take. Sands majored in history at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and has an M.F.A. in creative writing and an M.A. in English from UNC-Greensboro. He lives in Greensboro, NC.

Jessica Love

About the Illustrator

Natalie Leininger grew up in New Jersey and has been drawing ever since she was young. She is now lives in Nebraska and attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying the fine arts. She is in her third year at the university, primarily practicing oil painting but spends time outside of the classroom working on a variety of projects. She has always enjoyed being with children, which made illustrating and working on Night Buddies such an enjoyable project!

Praise for Adventures After Lights Out — the Night Buddies Series

“This story of juvenile fiction uses two staples of the genre. The first is the creature that lives under the bed or in the bedroom closet of the child and the second is the fantasy of sneaking out of the house at night and enjoying a great adventure.”

– Charles Ashbacher

“Hetherington seems to have the right ingredients for a classic children’s whodunit—talking animals, an unsolved mystery and a brave hero willing to face unforeseen foes … Punctuating the story are Love’s pencil sketches that boast just the right amount of whimsy and adequately capture the spirit of Hetherington’s eccentric characters.”

— Kirkus

“Night Buddies is a wonderful display of talent and literature.”

— Burlington Times News

“Night Buddies is a terrific story my second and third graders would love to have read to them, complete with its colorful dialect. Thanks for the sneak peek!”

Lorie Thompson, Principal, Haskell Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District

“Night Buddies is visionary, conceptual, and a forecast of fun for children and schoolteachers alike. Author Sands Hetherington with mastery unveils creativity with purpose, inventions in language, and makes reading fun.”

Al Carrozza, author of  Universal Enzyme

Hetherington is so adept at writing for children that his books become instant classics—and that means that after lights out, parents will tiptoe in and grab some of this confection for themselves! Highly recommended.”

— Grady Harp, Reviewer for Literary Aficionado and Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Lively and wildly imaginative. A wacky adventure. Crosley, the likable crocodile, and his buddy John go on a zany nighttime romp through the stratosphere.”

— Randi Lynn Mrvos, Editor of Kid’s Imagination Train

“The language is strong and exciting. It keeps the story moving and adds to the zany antics of the characters. I highly recommend that you get a copy of this delightful book. I hope the author is busy writing another!”

— Susan Day, Author and Illustrator

“High up in the sky and high up in entertainment and high up in creativity! Add in the great pictures that bring the story to life, this book is fun for kids of all ages. This just proves that different people and even reptiles can work together for the common good and get things done. Friendships are solid and teamwork is definitely important, or the Program will not get completed and lives could be at stake.

— Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

“This is a wonderful and entertaining tale for children…It is amusing following Crosley and John on their adventure. They meet some interesting characters along the way.”

— Night Owl Reviews

“I love the idea of the Night Buddies, a secret agent program to help kids get tired and go to sleep. The book had lots of humor in it, and it is appropriate for kids of all ages. Even though the story has crimes being committed, they are things like stealing mothballs, creating messes, and other silly stuff. John and Crosley are great characters, and they are fun to read about…I am looking forward to the next book in the series! Five out of five bookworms for this fun adventure!”

— This Kid Reviews Books

“My favorite part of the story was how imaginative it was. Children enjoy reading books and watching movies that let them dream and explore new worlds and new languages and I felt as though this story captured all the joys of a new adventure. The author even had a special language that is outlined in the beginning of the book and … I am certain a younger audience would have been constantly entertained … I give this story Four Stars!”

Lynda Coker, Between the Pages

“The second I opened up the package with this book, my son scoffed it up. I immediately had him give it back, but in the process of me trying to read it for review, the book kept mysteriously disappearing. I would find him upside down, in a sleeping bag with a flashlight reading the book instead of going to sleep…The book is action packed and well thought out. My son and I definitely look forward to future books in the series. I give (and so does he) this book a 5 of 5 stars!”

Athena Nagel, The Stuff of Success

“…This series is packed with nonstop action, wacky inventions, allies and arch-rivals, rapid-fire dialogue, and the two best categories of kid-food: super-delicious and disgusting. Best of all is the pleasure of its language, fun to read and to read aloud. Any kid (even a grown-up one like me) will pick up its irresistible vocabulary, from Yerk! to Excelsior!”
Lynne Barrett, award-winning author of Magpies and co-editor of Birth: A Literary Companion