Have you heard the saying, “If you learn a new word and use it three times, it yours for life”? Fun words are all around us just waiting to be discovered. If you start Monday (that would be June 15th) and learn one new word each day until Labor Day, you will have added 77 words to your vocabulary.

Why not start now?

Did you know that when you walk arm in arm with someone, you are oxtering? And a person who wanders about selling small items is a higgler. If you enjoy learning new words like oxter and higgle, you might be a logophile! That’s three new words already! You’re off to a great start.

Where can you find new words? Crosley and John went to the library and checked out books about wacky and wild words. They found many new words in The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words by Tyler Vendetti. One of Crosley’s favorites is spaghettification, which is defined as “The process by which an object would be stretched and ripped apart by gravitational forces upon falling into a black hole.”

John and Crosley also discovered Absurd Words: A Kid’s Fun and Hilarious Vocabulary Builder for Future Word Nerds. From this book, John learned about tintinnabulation, which is the word for the sound of bells ringing. See if you can use that three times today!

You can also discover new words in games and puzzles. Get a crossword or word search book, or try games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, or Play on Words. Or look around with a curious eye. If you see a word you don’t know, look it up. Then, use it three times.

Post some of the new words you learn in the comments, so we can learn them, too!