You can meet Night Buddies author Sands Hetherington at the Burlington Local Author Book Fair on June 15th. Sands will join twenty other local authors for an afternoon of meeting readers and signing books. Food trucks and local favorites will make the afternoon a true celebration of reading. May Memorial Library and Pernsickety Books will be on hand as well.

Four things you might not know about Sands:

  1. Sands was a stay-at-home dad.“When my son John was born, I didn’t expect to become a stay-at-home father. I didn’t know any other dads who stayed home to take care of their kids most of the time. I didn’t grow up with a stay-at-home father, and the concept of being a man who changed his job description from a solid 9-5 to being a single homemaker was not something I ever envisioned.

    “But then John came around, my wife and I soon divorced, and there I was with full custody of a young boy who needed someone to stay home and look after him. I didn’t know it yet, but I had just entered the greatest time of my life.”

  2. Sands loves dogs! Sands Hetherington loves dogs! He loves them almost as much as nighttime programs and red crocodiles. Dogs have always been a part of the author’s life, beginning with Whiskers, a cocker spaniel. When his wonderful boxer Hube died, he despaired of finding a boxer who could match him and instead got a Saint Bernard. He ended up breeding Saints for a number of years and, at one point, had twelve as house pets. Sands and his son John raised St. Bernard litter mates Dudley and Maggie, who were just like members of the family.
  3. Sands never planned to be an author.Sands’ discovered his vocation as a children’s book author while reading bedtime stories to John. They read everything from Grimm to Tolkien, Dahl, Dickens, and Victor Hugo. He remembers when Crosley became part of their lives.

    “One night when I was done reading (John was about seven), I may have suggested he make up a companion to go off to sleep with—or maybe he did it on his own. The next day, anyhow, he introduced me to Crosley, his imaginary red crocodile friend.”

  4. Sands love to travel. He likes visiting ancient Mediterranean sites in Turkey, Italy, and, most of all, Greece. When John was younger they enjoyed road trips together. Sands’ advice to fathers is, “Hop in the car. Don’t forget maps and a GPS. Let your son or daughter hop into the passenger seat next to you. Go! Go somewhere, anywhere, and make the kind of memories you’ll fall asleep dreaming about when you’re a much older man.”

If you’re in the Burlington, North Carolina area Father’s Day weekend, stop at the book festival and say hi to Sands. The festival is at the Historic Downtown Train Depot, 100 W. Front Street, Burlington, NC, from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 15th.