It’s June, and school’s out! Crosley and John have asked Crenwinkle to give them some ideas for daytime adventures. Crenwinkle consulted our friends at and then suggested five things to try during June. Stock up on Crusted Crème Fro-Madges and Steamed Root Beer, and let’s have some summer fun!

  1. Try Camping! June is officially Great Outdoors Month and National Camping Month. Celebrate by camping in your backyard. You can pitch a tent or sleep under the stars. Take a hike in a nearby park. Keep field notes (a notebook with your observations) on the kinds of plants, birds, and animals you see. After dark, watch for John and Cros in a far-out flying machine.
  2. Go Fish. June is a rather fishy month. The first week of June is National Fishing and Boating Week. Check local recreation areas and lakes near you. Many offer opportunities to learn to fish or special kids’ fishing events during June.
  3. Or Visit a Fish! June is also National Aquarium Month and the time to celebrate Fish as Friends Week (June 23-29). Investigate if there are large aquariums where you can take a day trip to see all kinds of fish and water creatures. Want to learn to keep fish as pets? This article will help you get started.
  4. Play Catch! June 16-22 is National Play Catch Week. Grab a ball and a friend, and have fun!
  5. Watermelon Seed Spitting! Did you know that spitting watermelon seeds is an official thing? It started at a festival in Texas. John and Crosley are training to see if they can break the world record for spitting a watermelon seed the farthest. Why don’t you give it a try?