My six-year-old son John invented the red crocodile named Crosley, and I had to explain why Crosley was red. You can’t just drop a red croc into a story without explaining, right? So it was something I had to figure out before I could start writing the Night Buddies adventures. At some point it occurred to me: Crosley was red because he was allergic to water! Well, sort of. If he got a fair amount of water on him, he would break out doing the Black Bottom dance and couldn’t stop for hours. That is, unless he took the antidote pills his brother Crenwinkle made for him. These pills stopped him from doing the Black Bottom okay, but they turned him red at the same time! It’s a well-known side-effect you can get from Black Bottom pills, at least in the Night Buddies stories.

Have you ever heard of the Black Bottom dance even? It’s a real phenomenon, or it used to be. No worries if you haven’t ’cause I’ll be explaining it in a future post. Stay tuned!

Crosley doing the Black Bottom Dance!
Crosley doing the Black Bottom Dance!











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