Ol’ Sands has created the whole Night Buddies world for us, and now it’s your turn! When you fill out the missing words in this Mad Lib, you’ll have created the first section of your very own Night Buddies stories. Let’s get started!

Last night, John could not (verb) a wink. It was time for a Night Buddies Adventure. Crosley, his (adjective), (adjective) crocodile friend, showed up just in time for their night’s Program. But all he wanted to do was (verb) a (adjective) pineapple cheesecake!

“We have to (verb) past my (noun) first,” John said. Crosley let John climb up onto his shoulders and he put the I-aint-here doodad between his (body part). They (past-tense verb) right past his parents sitting in the living room on the (noun)!

Before they could get to the Pineapple Cheesecake Factory, John and Crosley ran into a (noun) of iguanas—with squirt guns! They pointed them right at Crosley and sprayed (noun) all over him!

Crosley immediately broke into the Black Bottom (verb), wriggling and jiggling all around. The iguanas (past-tense verb) and high-fived, but they didn’t know what I had behind my back…

“Take that!” I yelled, and whipped my last pineapple cheesecake out to (verb) at them. Boy, they sure ran (adverb)!

“Where did you get that?” Cros asked once he was all dried off.

“Big Foot Mae (past-tense verb) me one, just in case of emergencies like this,” said John.

Then they (past-tense verb) on their way. It turned into one of the most (adjective) adventures they’d ever had!

Well, what do you think? Did you have fun with this? Let us know. John and Crosley always appreciate feedback from their fans!