This is Crosley’s little whatchamacallit card that not only identifies him as a member of Night Buddies Amalgamated, but works just the same as money. Since the Night Buddies’ mission is to “help out” situations in the borough, people everywhere give them free goods and services when they’re out on a Program and show the gimcrack.

Copy of Crosley's GImcrack
Copy of Crosley’s GImcrack

In Night Buddies, Impostors and One Far-Out Flying Machine, we discover that true I-D  gimcracks have a security app in case they are suspected of being counterfeit. Squeeze a real  gimcrack twice on the logo and it starts blasting out a goofy song like the one below. And if  counterfeiters should copy the I-D, the song can be changed and all the generous night folks notified.

Short fat Minnie down in New Orleans

Shakin’ and rockin’ in her red blue jeans

She rocked so long around the floor

That short fat Minnie wasn’t fat no more

  Skinny Minne, woo-woo-woo

   Skinny Minnie, woo-woo-woo!

Let’s say you had an I-D gimcrack of your own, where would you use it? What would you use it for? Ice cream cones? A ride on a ferris wheel? A subway token? Let us know by replying to this post. We want to hear from you!