There are certain characteristics that make a person stand out to be a qualified Night Buddy. Take a look at this list and see if you have what it takes!


1.)    Patience—Every Night Buddy must have the patience to endure Crosley’s insatiable appetite for Pineapple Cheesecakes, to wait for his Black Bottom dance fits to come to an end, and to make it through a night without sleep. Every challenge that confronts the Night Buddies in their Programs are best overcome one step at a time; you can’t sneak out of the house before you’ve turned on your I-ain’t-here doodad!

2.)    Kindness—Night Buddies will meet a whole world of new people and animals on their first Program, and they need to treat each one of them kindly and respectfully in order to complete their adventure. If you aren’t nice to Fast Fanny Farnsworth, you can’t expect her to rent you a far-out flying machine!

3.)    Bravery—Sometimes the tasks that Night Buddies take on seem a little scary at first. After all, iguanas are not creatures that you really want to be around! But Night Buddies know that no matter how scary their Program might seem at first, they can step up and face what lies ahead with bravery. Someone has to keep the iguanas in their place!

4.)    Imagination—Some people think that being a Night Buddy is something that only happens in books, but true Night Buddies know that imagination is what makes stories come to life. You can use your patience, kindness, and bravery when you’re at school or playing at home with your siblings, whether you have Crosley by your side or not, because when you use your imagination you can be on a Program anytime!