three kids

Not only have the Night Buddies books won six awards amongst the literary community, but when Ol’ Sands went to visit Mrs. Miles’ third grade classroom this is what he heard:

“I think your book is the greatest. It used a lot of imagination. Crosley is the funnyst crocodile. Yerk, yerk, yerk!” –Nick

“I liked all the funny things Crosley had, like the I-ain’t-here doodad, whatchamacallit, and the way he laughed, yerk, yerk, yerk!” –Maria

“I want your book to be a passer! A passer is something that if I have children I can give it to my children. And if my children have children they can give it to their children. And that’s what I call a passer.” –Jaime

“I really liked Night Buddies! I thought it was the best story in the world! My favorite part was the part that Crosley started doing the Black Bottom!” –Mary

Night Buddies was the greatest book I’ve ever read. Especially Crosley’s I-ain’t-here doodad, and when Crosley got wet and did the Black Bottom dance. I’ve been writing a story about the iguanas or should I say jerks.” –Stacy

“I especially like the I-ain’t-here doodad. You are a really good author!” –Heather

“The story was great I am not lying to you. It was great. I loved it. I loved the whole thing.” –Rick

So there you have it! Don’t take our word for it that your children will love the Night Buddies series, but take it straight from their peers themselves. (After all, Rick was not lying to you.)

And a big congratulations to Ol’ Sands! Night Buddies, Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine was recently announced as a bronze winner in the Global eBook Awards.