Crosley Speak

This one is especially for Night Buddies fans. The following is a glossary of the special and uncommon vocabulary used by Crosley the red crocodile from the Night Buddies book series. Now that you are in the know, pick up the entire Night Buddies series for one low price and enjoy the conversation!

Yerk! Yerk!: (Laughing) Ha! Ha!
Jeeks!: Gosh!; Golly!; Gee whiz!
Har?: (Questioning) What?; Huh?
Yigg!: Oh no!; Rats!
Excelsior!: Totally super!
Blorf!: A snorting noise, often of frustration
Shnorf!: See Blorf!
Wuff!: Gasping for air
Snerk!, Snk-Snork!, Wuff!, Fup!: Waking up noises
Snog!, Gnf!, Gorf!, Gak!, Snert!, Snorf!: Expressing annoyance
Splut an’ Blather!: Expressing extreme annoyance
Yigg!: Oh, no! Rats!
Redolent: Smelly
Pardonay-moy!: Bad French for Pardon me!
Gruk!: Sound made when stomach goes up into the throat
Liverish: Queasy
Regurgitatin’: Hurling lunch
Put the kye-bosh on: Stop
Ba-Gruff!, Blorp!, Brp!, Bruk! Erp!, Gop!, Gopk!, Uk!, Gruk!, Grup!, Gupp!, Korp!, Rk!, Roop!, Rrrup!, Rruhk!, Rukk!, Rup!, Uk!, Urrk!, Urruk!: Burps
Hg!,Hikk!, Hk!, Hkk!, Hoog!, Hukk!, Hup!, Hupp!, Ook!, Rup!, Uk!, Wbb!, Wibb!, Wip!, Woop!, Wp!, Wk!, Wukk!, Wupp!: Hiccups
Keester: Butt
Loogie: Big gob of spit
Grundooner: Where you do grundoons
Liverish: What Crosley gets when flying over lots of water (queasy)
Crusted CrÉme Fro-Madge: Frozen yogurt made with cream cheese
RIZZIT! RIZZIT! RIZZIT! RIZZIT!: Beeper in Crosley’s wristwatch
Cogitate: To think hard (crocodile weasel word)
Discombobulated: Thoroughly fouled up