The weather is cooling off, the leaves are turning, and we can officially celebrate that fall is here! My personal favorite fall activity is curling up on the couch with my dogs and a good book for company, whether it’s a new release or one of my old favorites. Here are just a few selections I think you and your kids will enjoy!


Little Witch, by Anna Elizabeth Bennett

This book follows the adventures of Minx, a nine-year-old witch who wants to sneak away and attend school like a human girl. One day, she manages it, but there are a slew of trials with her mortal schoolmates and teachers when she does! This book is a go-to for kids in the fall, and one I love to nostalgically read every year.

Pax, by Sara Penny Packer

This is a tale guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. It follows the story of Peter and his fox, Pax, and the journey of how they find their way back to one another. Making the Longlist for the National Book Awards in 2016, PAX is destined to become a children’s classic—it already is one in my book!

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, by Steve Metzger

Are you the parent of a youngster who loves to read out loud? This is the perfect book for you! It follows the story of three friends as they hike over a mountain and through a forest to collect leaves of all kinds and colors, complete with fun rhyming and sound effects to beat.

Pumpkin Spice (The Friendship Garden), by Jenny Meyerhoff

The Windy City Pumpkin Fest is just around the corner. The only problem? Anna’s pumpkin disappears just two days before the contest for Biggest Pumpkin begins! She and her friends will have to hunt down the thief in record time, and have a ton of fun along the way. This lighthearted book is the perfect easy read for your kids this fall!