How To Talk To Your Kids About COVID-19

These days, news about COVID-19 is everywhere. Even if you don’t think your child knows much about the situation, chances are they’ve seen and heard more than you think they have. Here are a few tips I thought of to best handle such a sensitive conversation with your kiddos during these difficult times. Start by […]

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How to Use Stories to Combat Comparison

It’s no secret that social media comparison has a massive effect on children today. Every time they open Instagram, your kids have the opportunity to see someone who is living a life “cooler” than their own. Your child can come home thrilled about an A on his math test, and then feel crushed moments later […]

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Book to Help Your Kids Cope With Anxiety

As anxiety levels in younger generations continue to climb, it’s important to help your children find a way to better understand, communicate, and cope with stress and worry—before it gets too out-of-hand. That’s where books have always come into play. Stories can help children understand and communicate feelings that seem too big to be able […]

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4 Easy Ways To Become a Reader

Now that we’ve almost made it through January, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? One resolution I know many of my friends and family made in 2019 is to trade in their phone time for time spent curled up with a good book. For some, reading brings them back to their childhood […]

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