How To Marie Kondo Your Bookshelves!

I don’t know about you, but all of this extra time at home has been great for my spring cleaning! The one thing that always seems to get out of hand in my home are my bookshelves (you can never have too many books, right?). If you’re in need of a major bookshelf reorganization, here […]

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Top 3 Ways We Can Benefit From Creativity

Have you noticed that as our world has become more uncertain, more and more people are turning to creativity to express their feelings? Whether it’s enjoying someone else’s creation (like reading a book) or making their own creations (baking, painting, writing), it seems like creativity is finally starting to be seen as something that’s not […]

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How To Talk To Your Kids About COVID-19

These days, news about COVID-19 is everywhere. Even if you don’t think your child knows much about the situation, chances are they’ve seen and heard more than you think they have. Here are a few tips I thought of to best handle such a sensitive conversation with your kiddos during these difficult times. Start by […]

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How to Use Stories to Combat Comparison

It’s no secret that social media comparison has a massive effect on children today. Every time they open Instagram, your kids have the opportunity to see someone who is living a life “cooler” than their own. Your child can come home thrilled about an A on his math test, and then feel crushed moments later […]

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