This week, we jump in the way back machine. In 2014, we posted ideas about what to do if you dread bedtime because the dark can feel scary. We’re revisiting the topic because fear of the dark is widespread. Many kids and adults feel nervous or anxious when the lights go out. Not all of us have a big, friendly Crosley visiting us when night comes! Sometimes we’re afraid of being alone, and sometimes we are scared of the possible unseen threats masked by nightfall, but no matter what lies at the root of your fear of darkness, Crosley has some tips that will help you feel as cool as a crocodile when the lights turn off.

Discover the Root of Your Fear. Do you think an evil iguana could be hiding in your closet or under your bed? Have Mom and Dad check it out! Do you hear strange noises amplified when darkness comes? Try to locate the source of the noise during the day when you’re less likely to feel threatened by it. Knowing where your fears come from makes it easier to dismiss them.

Distract Yourself. Try listening to soothing music as you fall asleep, or break out a flashlight and read your favorite book. Keeping your mind on things that put you at ease will make it harder for fear to creep in.

Keep Some Company with You. Ask your mom or dad to sit with you for a few minutes when the lights first go off until you get comfortable. Or keep your favorite stuffed animal/action figure/doll on your bed to help you feel less alone. John and Crosley face their nighttime adventures together, and you should do the same!

Use a Night Light. Sometimes, just having a small amount of light will help you realize that the dark doesn’t change anything around you.

Sometimes, night is the best time to go on an adventure, whether it’s a Night Buddies Program or in your dreams! Don’t let your fear of the dark hold you back!