There’s nothing better than the feeling you get as a parent when you walk into your child’s bedroom to see that they’ve traded their iPad for a book! Wondering how to make that happen for your own children? Here are my tips to help turn your kid into a book lover before the end of the year.

1.) Pick out a book that matches their other interests. If you know your child loves horses, pick out a book about horses. If they like television programs about witches and wizards, pick out a fantasy book for them to fall in love with! The more you can associate reading with what they already see as fun, the more they’ll enjoy it.

2.) Find books at their reading level. It can be frustrating to read a book that is too difficult for your child to comprehend, so make sure to start their love of reading by meeting them where they’re at. Once they start reading more, you can steadily find books that will be more difficult for them to read!

3.) Set aside a specific time for them to read. This will turn reading into their new habit, and makes it more likely for them to choose to read at that time on their own later on. Plus, studies have shown that watching television before bed might interfere with sleep quality, so reading is a good, calming alternative!

4.) Don’t take away their other forms of entertainment. This will make reading feel more like a punishment than a reward, and you want them to have positive associations with reading if you want them to fall in love with it. If your child enjoys watching television or playing video games for a certain amount of time each day, allow them to continue. The goal is to incorporate reading into their life, not to completely overhaul their regular routines.

5.) Make reading a joint activity. Some of my favorite memories are the times when my son and I would read together while he was growing up. Not only does your child get to learn a better vocabulary as you help them through the difficult sections, they get to bond with you at the same time as they are falling in love with books. When you read with your child, it’s always a win-win situation!

Does your child love to read? Leave your own tips for other parents below!