Do you know what a book trailer is?

You know when you go to the movies and they show your previews—or trailers—of upcoming movies? A book trailer is a preview of a book. The trailer usually sets the scene for the story and tells you a little about the characters and plot. It will tell you who the author is and give you information on where to buy the book.

But why is it called a trailer? That’s a very good question. Originally, movie previews were shown after, or trailing, the feature film. Eventually, movie theaters started showing the previews before the feature, but the name trailers stuck. Short promos for movies and books are still known as trailers, no matter when and where they are used.

If you’re an author, book trailers are a good way to capture readers’ interest and get them excited about your story.

Watch the Book Trailer for Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264.