The winter weather has been frightful in the Borough where John Degraffenreidt lives! He’s already had two snow days off from school. He doesn’t like to sit around and waste unexpected vacations watching TV or playing video games. Those are ordinary activities. John believes snow days are for extra, special adventures. Here are some of John’s favorite indoor and outdoor snow-day capers.

John’s Pro Tip: If you’re out of ideas and Crosley’s busy napping or eating pineapple cheesecake, visit This site has all kinds of ideas for activities, games, projects, and experiments. We’ve shared some of their ideas below, along with some from Crenwinkle.

If you’re inside . . .

  • Create a scavenger hunt! Crenwinkle loves this one! Choose a prize. It can be a treat like a bag of popcorn to pop or a new book to read, or giving the winner the choice of a board game for the whole family to play or what the family has for dinner. Leave clues to follow that eventually lead to the prize. Creating the hunt can be as much fun as it is following it. If you have siblings, ask each to create their own hunt for others to follow.
  • Make an obstacle course. Need to burn off some indoor energy. Create an obstacle course with items to jump over, crawl under, or go around. Use the whole house! Time yourself to see how fast you can complete the course.
  • Make snowflakes. Every kid should experience the fun of creating paper snowflakes. John found a fun video that shows how to make folded and cut creations. You can watch it on YouTube.

Crosley wants to remind you that snow days are perfect for baking. Find pineapple cheesecake recipes here.

Go outside for . . .

  • Snow painting. Fill spray bottles with water. Add a few drops of food coloring to the water. Head outside and make pictures on the snow with the colored water. You can also paint on the snow with watercolor paints.
  • Experimenting with frozen bubbles. This is one of those cool ideas John found on Run Wild My Child. Find the instructions here.
  • Making frozen suncatchers. Create art with a plastic lid, water, berries, twigs, leaves, and other items you find outside. You’ll also need a string. Arrange the items in the lid. Put the string partially in the load with enough hanging over the edge to tie to a tree branch. Fill the lid with water. Leave them outside to freeze. When the water has frozen, remove the frozen suncatcher and hang it from a tree limb. See more about making frozen suncatchers.

Don’t forget the regular snow-day fun, like building a snowman and sledding!