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4 Ways to Give Your Kids the Best Summer Break!

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It’s finally here! After we’ve all come back from our Memorial Day weekends, the reality of summer break has finally hit. But as exciting as the prospect of two summer months to fill with fun and relaxation can be for kids, it can be difficult on parents to strike the balance of giving your kids an amazing summer break, while still needing to take care of your other responsibilities. Luckily, there’s a way to do both. Here are some tips on how to do so!

Look into summer camps. When you can’t afford to take a vacation yourself, it can be best to let your kid have a fun getaway on their own with a reputable summer camp! You can choose one according to location, interest (dance camps, band camps, Christian camps, etc.), or based on which camp their friends are attending. This will allow your kids to learn independence being away from their parents, give them a fun vacation in a new area they’ve never explored, and allow them to make new friends! And it also gives you a week or two (however long the camp goes on for) to have a kids-free staycation of your own.

Look into day camps. If it isn’t financially feasible for you to send your kids to overnight camps, day camp is a great option! A lot of times local churches, YMCAs, or other community organizations will host day camps throughout the summer where kids can stay entertained and make new friends while you have to spend a day working, or running errands. Save them some boredom, and you some time!

Plan local day trips on weekends. And let your kids help choose the location! Maybe you go to a local park for a picnic and games, or to the next town over for your favorite lunch spot. If you live by water parks or the beach, pick a day to take a trip over there. Whatever you decide to do, it will give your kids something to look forward to during the slower weeks at home when you have responsibilities to take care of.

Make sure they spend some time OFF of their screens! It’s so easy to let your kids plop down in front of the television or their video games when you need them to be entertained, but those memories aren’t going to last all their lives. Try to get them to spend an hour outside in the sun, whether they walk the dog around your neighborhood or play in the sprinklers in your yard. And make sure to remind them that reading is always a great way to stay entertained when they complain about being bored!

What are some of the things you remember doing during your summer breaks as a kid? Let me know in the comments!


4 Steps for a Radical Adventure

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1. Find a partner to adventure with. If you asked either John or Crosley to go on a Program alone, they’d call you nuts. It’s important to have someone to go on your adventures with, not to mention loads more fun! Team up with your brother or sister, your best friend, or you can even create someone in your imagination to adventure with. As long as you have someone to share your experience with, your adventure will be all the more worthwhile.


2. Build your adventure craft. The Night Buddies wouldn’t get very far on their Programs without their Far-Out Flying Machine, and likewise, you’ll need to find something to go on your adventures in! Look around your house for an old cardboard box, some tape, scissors (with your mom or dad’s approval) and markers, glitter, or stickers to decorate it with. Make your adventure craft look however you want it to look . . . just make sure it’s uniquely yours!

3. Decide on a goal. Each Night Buddies Program has a specific goal in mind, and it usually has to do with stopping the evil Iguana Gang. Decide what you want to accomplish on your adventure—whether it’s stopping evil, discovering something new to you, or solving a problem that has been bothering you—and then go after it. Every good adventure has an end goal in mind, but make sure you remember to have fun along the way!


4. Always, always use your imagination. It is possible for you to do anything, go anywhere, and meet anyone, as long as you are open to using your imagination. If you allow yourself to see your living room turn into outer-space, your adventure craft flying in the sky, and yourself as the hero bringing all evil to justice, you can go on an adventure every day. Whenever you read about all that John and Crosley do on their Programs, remember that you can be with them every step of the way, as long as you are using your imagination just right.


Create Your Own Night Buddies Adventure! (Part I)

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Ol’ Sands has created the whole Night Buddies world for us, and now it’s your turn! When you fill out the missing words in this Mad Lib, you’ll have created the first section of your very own Night Buddies stories. Let’s get started!

Last night, John could not (verb) a wink. It was time for a Night Buddies Adventure. Crosley, his (adjective), (adjective) crocodile friend, showed up just in time for their night’s Program. But all he wanted to do was (verb) a (adjective) pineapple cheesecake!

“We have to (verb) past my (noun) first,” John said. Crosley let John climb up onto his shoulders and he put the I-aint-here doodad between his (body part). They (past-tense verb) right past his parents sitting in the living room on the (noun)!

Before they could get to the Pineapple Cheesecake Factory, John and Crosley ran into a (noun) of iguanas—with squirt guns! They pointed them right at Crosley and sprayed (noun) all over him!

Crosley immediately broke into the Black Bottom (verb), wriggling and jiggling all around. The iguanas (past-tense verb) and high-fived, but they didn’t know what I had behind my back…

“Take that!” I yelled, and whipped my last pineapple cheesecake out to (verb) at them. Boy, they sure ran (adverb)!

“Where did you get that?” Cros asked once he was all dried off.

“Big Foot Mae (past-tense verb) me one, just in case of emergencies like this,” said John.

Then they (past-tense verb) on their way. It turned into one of the most (adjective) adventures they’d ever had!

Well, what do you think? Did you have fun with this? Let us know. John and Crosley always appreciate feedback from their fans!


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