Have you discovered WORDLE? The online word game gives you six chances to guess a five-letter word. It gives you clues by showing if you’ve guessed a letter in the word and if it’s in the correct position. There is a new WORDLE to solve every day. It’s a great game to play with the family.

Word games of all kinds help build vocabulary and spelling skills. They can help kids learn concentration and focus while having fun. So what are your waiting for? Give some of these games a whirl:


Online Games:

Poki’s Wordsmith. An anagram game. What’s the longest word you can make?

Word Ladder. Can you move from the top of the ladder to the bottom by changing just one letter at a time?


Card and Board Games:

Quiddler Junior. Fast and easy to learn. Be the first to arrange all of the letter cards in your hand into one or more words. Once your kids have mastered Quiddler junior, introduce regular Quiddler. It’s a favorite at our house!

Splurt. Kids ages ten and older will love this fast-paced game. Choose a subject card (example: animal) and a rule card (example: starts with w), then start blurting out answers!

Bananagrams. Race against your friends and family to build crossword grids.


Paper and Pencil

Teach your kids the fun of completing a word search or crossword puzzle on paper! And don’t forget that it’s still possible to play hangman on a napkin at a restaurant while you’re waiting for your order.