It’s no secret that I raised my son John as a single parent. What you might not know, however, was how difficult that journey was. Raising children is a huge responsibility that can keep you up at night, wondering if you’re doing everything right—and when you are in the position of raising children without a partner, those anxieties only become harder to manage.

Enter the Single Parenting Summit, put on this year by EverGreen Ministries in Hudsonville, MI. It is the first event aimed at helping single mothers and fathers navigate the challenge of raising children on their own, as well as offers programs for community leaders (like pastors) learn how to support the single parents in their circle.

The conference will have leadership lessons on subjects such as how to support single parents in parenting and adoption, ADHD, and growing the church through single parenting. There will also be single parent sessions on finding a partner, co-parenting with integrity, managing finances, and more!

What I find truly wonderful about this event is that it brings together single parents from around the country, and gives them the solidarity to know they aren’t alone. If this had been around when my son was a child, I would have no hesitation in signing up!

If you’re interested, check out the Summit’s website. The event will take place on May 12–13 of this year!