Have you noticed that as our world has become more uncertain, more and more people are turning to creativity to express their feelings? Whether it’s enjoying someone else’s creation (like reading a book) or making their own creations (baking, painting, writing), it seems like creativity is finally starting to be seen as something that’s not just enjoyable, but necessary! In fact, creativity has a multitude of crucial benefits—here are three you may not have known about before.

Creativity promotes problem-solving. No matter what outlet you’re using to express your creativity, creating something from nothing requires you to use essential problem solving skills. Creative problem solving is actually one of the top skills employers look for in job candidates!

Creativity improves your ability to focus. It’s no secret that our attention spans have taken a hit with the introduction of smart phones and social media. But when you’re creating, you are practicing the skill of staying focused—something we can all benefit from in 2020!

Creativity reduces stress. According to this article on Entrepreneur.com, “the very action of creation can help you redirect and reduce stress by using these negative feelings as catalysts to spark innovative ideas.” Studies have proven again and again that creativity can have a positive effect on our health, mostly due to the way it relieves stress!

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