One thing young readers notice right away about the Night Buddies Adventures is that Crosley loves pineapple cheesecake. One way to enhance the Night Buddies reading experience is to make a pineapple cheesecake with your child.

Cooking together is not only fun and yummy but can also build reading skills. Start by finding a simple recipe for no-bake pineapple cheesecake. We have shared several simple recipes on the Night Buddies Facebook page. Once you’ve selected a recipe, ask your child to help you create a shopping list for the ingredients. Ask your child to write the list or, if they are younger, to read you the ingredients while you write the list. Shop together, encouraging your child to read product labels and check items off the list.

When you’re ready to create your pineapple cheesecake (or another favorite recipe), read through the instructions aloud with your child before you start. This will help your child develop the skill of reading and following directions. If any words are unfamiliar, take time to help your child build their vocabulary but discussing what those words mean and how to use them. Then, follow the recipe step by step, allowing your child to do as much of the ‘cooking’ as possible.

When you’ve completed your pineapple cheesecake, read a chapter or two of one of the Night Buddies adventures while you enjoy a slice. Ask your child what they think Crosely likes most about pineapple cheesecake. Help them make a list of those attributes.

Have fun and enjoy your family Night Buddies Adventures in the Kitchen!