In January 2015, just before the release of Night Buddies Go Sky High, Crosey’s brother Crenwinkle granted a rare interview. More than eight years later, we’re on the eve of releasing Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264, an adventure in which Crenwinkle and his inventions play a big part. So it’s time to jump into the way back machine and revisit our discussion with the not-red crocodile brother.

Q: How was it growing up with Crosley as a brother?

A: Brother Crosley and I were always different. I’m not referring to our colors. His redness happened later as a side effect of the Black Bottom pills. Our personalities are what really differentiate us. Crosley is zany and free-wheeling, and I’m not. I’m a dignified genius, and Crosley definitely is not. But we did manage to value each other’s strengths and to work together. (Wuk!) Night Buddies Amalgamated would never have come into being without this. But, on the other hand, I do think Crosley can be a bit jealous that I’m the brains of the operation.

Q: What whatchamacallit are you most proud of inventing?

A: I think the time-spreader dingus is one of the most useful whatchamacallits I’ve made (it’s the one that slows down time so that John doesn’t lose any sleep for being out so long on Programs). It’s a fact that whenever you manipulate time, you never know (Hik!) how things are going to go, so I’m pleased that the device has worked well so far.

Q: Do you ever worry about someone breaking into the Night Buddies Headquarters?

A: Constantly. It’s a major concern. Just think what would happen if the wrong crowd got into my whatchamacallits! This is why I’m always moving Headquarters to make it more difficult to find. It’s at the zoo now (FYI, it moves again in book four), but just two days ago, it was in the back of Nardiello’s Pizza Palace. The I-D Gimcracks add another layer of security.

Q: Who taught you how to juggle so well?

A: It’s an innate talent. I do it at the zoo so no one will suspect who I really am.

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Q: Last but not least, what do you love most about your job with the Night Buddies?

A: I love that it’s fast-paced and that you never know what each Program is going to be dealing with. Who could have guessed (Ook!) that a gang of Crosley impersonators would figure in the last Program? It keeps me on my toes, and I get to use my imagination to make whatchamacallits. It’s a dream job; we’re working for the greater good. And best of all, I get to do it with Brother Crosley and (Hup!) our other splendid operatives.

Look for more of Crenwinkle’s crazy inventions when Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 releases in Summer 2023!