It’s Mother’s Day which means that many moms will be receiving handmade gifts from their littles. We’ve scoured Pinterest, Etsy, and mommy bloggers for creative ways to display, wear, and enjoy these creations.

Display it!

You can create a gallery wall of children’s art with simple frames or picture rails. Hang pictures with Command Strips or magnets (an adhesive magnet goes on the back of unframed art), so you can update the gallery with new creations.

One of our favorite ideas is to create placemats from paintings or drawings! This ensures you’ll use and enjoy their artwork almost every day. You can make DIY placemats with contact paper or take the art to an office supply store and have it laminated. Involve your kids and let them choose their favorite placemats when they set the table.

You can also create a book of their artwork on Shutterfly, Mixbook, or other sites. If you don’t want to take photos of your child’s creations yourself, PlumPrint sends you a box for shipping the artwork.

Use it!

Did you know you can create wrapping paper from your kid’s drawings? How fun is that? Sites like Vistaprint and Zazzle will make wrapping paper sheets from one (or several) pieces of art. You can also use a favorite piece of art to create custom greeting cards.

If your child gives you a mug, pencil holder,  plate, tea towel, or other useful objects, use them. It will make you and your child smile each time you see it.

Wear It!

You can also turn your child’s drawing into a pendant or a charm or print it on a shirt or a purse! Let your imagination (and Google) run wild!

Happy Mother’s Day! Cherish every homemade moment.