Author Sands Hethering has written four Night Buddies Adventures. The books began as bedtime stories Sands created with his young son John. Later, when he decided to turn their stories into books, Sands developed his writing process. He talked about it in this post from 2014.

People often ask me about my writing life and my process when writing a new Night Buddies adventure story.

The main thing for me is scheduling and dedication. I make a schedule and stick to it no matter what happens or how rotten I may feel that day. I don’t go for anything like eight hours. I doubt many writers do that. It’s just too exhausting. Three hours does it for me, but I try never to stint on my three hours.

I try to stop writing at a spot that will be easy to start from the next day. And to read everything I’ve got the next day before starting again, so everything will be of a piece, so to speak.

I like to write about five hundred words a day straight through. I get in trouble when I start trying to write a line at a time—that is, getting a line just so before going on to the next one. This hurts my flow (from the reader’s point of view) and wastes time. I try to write my five hundred words without looking back and then take fifteen or twenty minutes to clean them up.

If I get stuck, I take a little notepad or recorder and go for a walk.

I finish the whole business and then rewrite and rewrite. I need to stop this at some point, but I try to err on overdoing it.

Sands recently read to young fans from the very first book, Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare.