John and Crosley are having fun creating their holiday wish lists. Besides pineapple cheesecakes, more whatchamacallits, a new blimp, and some iguana repellant, they have their eyes on these fun gifts to use when they are settled in, reading a favorite story.

Nestl Reading Pillow. A sturdy but cozy support to use in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor when you are reading. It has three pockets to hold your books and secret Program supplies. For extra fun, it arrives flat, and you get to clap it and gently toss it to fluff it up! Did we mention it has a handle? Keep your eye on this one; Mom may try to steal it.


Book on a Blanket! Did you know you can get a book printed on a blanket (or a shirt)? This one has The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Several books are available. Crosley has his eye on a Hardy Boys adventure.


100 Kid’s Books Scratch Off Poster. This is so cool! It has 100 classic kid’s books like James and the Giant Peach, Harry Potter, and Little House on the Prairie. It’s a bucket list for reading!


Book Page Holder. John hopes to find this in his stocking. This wooden doo-dad fits on your thumb to help you hold book pages open—lots of sizes available to suit all hands.


And we have one that’s not really for reading but is excellent for when you’re telling bedtime stories!

Moon Lamp. The surface of this lamp really looks like the moon! It comes with a remote control so you can change the color and set a timer so it turns off after you’re asleep. This gift is at the top of John’s list!