July is National Anti-boredom Month. We’re not making this up! Check out the story of Anti-boredom Month and its founder, Alan Caruba. To help you beat the heat and the doldrums, we’ve listed thirty-one ways to celebrate your way through July. Want more ideas? Visit the Holidays and Observances website for even more ideas.

July 1 – Visit a zoo on American Zoo Day

July 2 – World UFO Day. Look for UFOs or read books about UFOs

July 3 – Go to the movies or visit your library. It’s National Stay Out of the Sun Day

July 4 – Try frying an egg on your sidewalk. Yes, it really is Sidewalk Egg Frying Day.

July 5 – Make s’mores to celebrate National Graham Cracker Day

July 6 – Observe National Play Outside Day.

July 7 – Take a walk with Dad (National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day) or have a Strawberry Sundae (National Strawberry Sundae Day).

July 8 – Get out the sidewalk chalk and do some equations. It’s National Math 2.0 Day.

July 9 – Decorate some cookies in observance of National Sugar Cookie Day.

July 10 – Gather your stuffed animals and have a picnic! It’s Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day.

July 11 – Hit the pool on National Swimming Pool Day!

July 12 – Communicate in secret code on Night of Nights, commemorating the commercial Morse code message transmitted in the US.

July 13 – Collect rocks on International Rock Day!

July 14 – Measure things. Use a tape measure. It’s National Tape Measure Day.

July 15 – Clean out your closet or bookshelf for National Give Something Away Day.

July 16 – Enjoy Hot Dog Night.

July 17 – For World Emoji Day, send your friend a message using only emojis! 😂😻🫶🌻

July 18 – Ask an older friend or relative to tell you a story about their life. It’s World Listening Day.

July 19 – Make a New Friend Day!

July 20 – Time for a siesta! It’s Nap Day!

July 21 –  Break out the cones and scoops for National Ice Cream Day. 

July 22 – Relax outside. It’s National Hammock Day.

July 23 – With record-breaking temps this summer, we’ll all be ready for Hot Enough for Ya Day. Plan a cool activity like water balloon games.

July 24 – Tell an Old Joke Day. This is one of Crinwinkle’s favorites!

July 25 –  Visit an amusement park for National Merry-Go-Round Day.

July 26 –  Look at the night sky. The Perseid Meteor Shower will be visible July 17-August 24.

July 27 – Try walking on stilts. You got it; it’s Walk on Stilts Day.

July 28 – Visit a waterpark for National Waterpark Day.

July 29 – Carry an umbrella in honor of Rain Day.

July 30 –  Re-read one of the Night Buddie’s adventures for Paperback Book Day!

July 31 – Jump for Jelly Beans!