Crosley’s brother Crenwinkle is not only a genius who runs the Night Buddies Headquarters, he’s also a top-notch juggler! Crenwinkle draws huge crowds for his juggling performances, and he can juggle just about anything he wants, including seven fat, triple-decker sandwiches! If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, here are some of our best tips to get you up to Crenwinkle’s speed.

NB2 #10CrenwinkleJugglingFinal

Start out slowly. Try practicing your movements with one object (probably a ball) first, and figure out the easiest way for you to catch it. Include more objects as you get comfortable with them.

Never chase the object. The point isn’t to reach up and grab the object, but to let it fall into your hand.

Keep your eyes in the air. If you focus on the highest point you want your object to reach, you’ll find that the object will fall into your hands without needing to look.

Focus. Juggling is as much as a mental activity as a physical one, and you need to always be focused and aware of what you are doing so that you don’t drop your objects on the floor!

Practice! The only way you will improve your juggling skills is if you work at it every day. Aim for around twenty minutes a session so that you can fully concentrate instead of sporadically practicing for five minutes here and there.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to juggle like Crenwinkle on your first few tries; you’re learning and improving with each new attempt. And if you keep these tips in mind, soon you’ll be able to juggle like a crocodile!