We have news! The fourth Night Buddies Adventure will be coming your way very soon!

Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 is in the design stage and will be ready for bedtime reading in the coming months. Jeeks!* We’re excited to share Crosley and John’s latest adventure with you.

While we can’t reveal all the twists and turns, we can tell you the fun begins when John wakes up with spray paint on his face and hair. How do you reckon he’ll explain that to his mom? Let’s peek in on the conversation.

What on earth is that all over your face?”

     I sat up and she grabbed my head in both hands.

     “And in your hair too! What have you done?”

     “It was the iguanas, Mom. An’ really, about the school bus out on the steps—–”

     “Out on—–There isn’t any bus out on the steps!”


     “There’s no bus out there! Oh John,” she moaned, letting go of my head, “how could you do this to yourself? Stay right there. Let me run get something to clean your face.”

     She took off down the hall and came back with a bottle and some paper towels.

     “Sit up straight—–!”

     She bit her lip and started rubbing this icky stuff all over my face.

     “Oh, honestly, John—–Close your eyes!”

     “It was four of them, Mom. On dirt bikes.”

Of course! The iguanas are back and up to their no-good shenanigans. John and Crosley’s program assignment is to spy on the iguanas and sniff out their evil plans. As you can imagine, it will involve plenty of Yerks* and a fair amount of steamed root beer, Fro-Madges, and pineapple cheesecakes.

We’ll share the cover and leak more details of the latest escapade in future posts. Meanwhile, you might want to have some nose plugs ready. This is one gooey, smelly, exceptional adventure!


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