Night Buddies John and Crosley have a special language filled with words that not all parents understand. Fortunately, each Night Buddies adventure contains a glossary. Here is a sampling so you can start the year by brushing up on Crosley speak:

Snerk!, Snk-Snork!, Wuff!, Fup!: Waking up noises
Snog!, Gnf!, Gorf!, Gak!, Snert!, Snorf!: Expressing annoyance
Splut an’ Blather!: Expressing extreme annoyance
Yigg!: Oh no! Rats!
Excelsior!: Totally super!
Redolent: Smelly
Har?: (Questioning) What? Huh?
Pardonay-moy!: Bad French for Pardon me!
Gruk!: Sound made when stomach goes up into throat
Liverish: Queasy
Regurgitatin’: Hurling lunch
Put the kye-bosh on: Stop
Yerk! Yerk!: (Laughing) Ha! Ha!
Jeeks!: Gosh! Golly! Gee whiz!
Ba-Gruff!, Blorp!, Brp!, Bruk!, Erp!, Gop!, Gruk!, Grup!, Gupp!, Korp!, Rk!, Roop!, Rrrup!, Rruhk!, Rukk!, Rup!, Uk!, Urrk!, Urruk!: All Burps

For the best Night Buddies experience, practice reading these words aloud with kids and see if you can work them into your everyday conversations. Go on. We dare you!