June has arrived! And as a parent, you know what that means…no more school. What better way to entertain your kids all summer long than with some fun beach reads they won’t get tired of? Here are some of the best books to fill your summer 2018 with!

To the Beach, by Linda Ashman

This is a silly and delightful story about a family of 7 (!!!) who are trying their hardest to get to the beach. But with 7 people comes a lot of room for mishap—and a lot of room for adventure! This is the perfect book to keep in your beach bag all summer long.

Hot Day on Abbott Avenue, by Karen English

This gorgeously illustrated book centers around a super hot day and a friendship breakup. Two girls, Kishi and Renée, each sit on their porches during the hottest day of the year waiting for an apology from the other, but can they resist a game of double dutch in the street? This story will teach your kids about friendship and forgiveness, and maybe it’ll remind you of a few important lessons too!

Beach Party Surf Monkey, by Chris Grabenstein

Beach Party Surf Monkey follows the story of P.T., who happens to live in a motel called Wonderland. When P.T. and his friend hear that a new movie is being filmed in their area, they go on a mission to convince the producers that Wonderland would be the perfect movie location! Your middle schooler will love it.

All Summer Long, by Hope Larson

I’ve never been a huge graphic novel reader, but this book is worth the read for anyone! It follows the story of two friends and the tension that grows between them as one goes away to a soccer camp while the other is stuck at home for the summer. Full of humor and warmth, it’s a summer-must!