We’re only a month away from the 2016 presidential election, and it feels like we can’t talk about anything else. Anytime you turn on the TV, you’re hearing about the latest nominee scandal, you’re seeing poll numbers rise and fall, and you’re watching commentary on the most recent debates. But how much do your children understand about what’s going on?

If you’re unsure of the best way to help them understand what happens in the presidential election and what it means for our country, try reading them these books to get the conversation started!

So You Want to be President?, by Judith St. George


This book gives different funny tidbits about our former presidents that paints them in a light children can understand and relate to. As the official description says, “From the embarrassment of skinny-dipping John Quincy Adams, to the escapades of Theodore Roosevelt’s children, to the heroic recovery of John Kennedy’s crew, Judith St. George shares the backroom facts, the spit-fire comments, and the comical anecdotes that have been part and parcel of America’s White House.”

Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote, by Herman Perish


In this picture book by Herman Parish, Amelia learns about the importance of the ballot and voting for the first time. Her principal lets Amelia and her class vote for what rules the school should have, making this a book all about the need to work together to come to a vote. A very cute and very relevant book for this time!

The Election Activity Book: Dozens of Activities That Help Kids Learn About Voting, Campaigns, Our Government, Presidents, and More, by Karen Baicker


Help kids understand the election process (and get involved!) with these engaging activities that teach about how we elect our leaders; the presidency; the rights and responsibilities of voting; the differences between local, state, and national government; and more. It also includes a write and read mini-book, election timeline, polling and graphing activities, updated and revised literature links and website connections, and a BIG, colorful poetry poster!

My Teacher For President, by Kay Winters and Denise Brunkus


What makes a good president? Oliver knows, and he thinks it’s a lot of the same things that make a good teacher. So, Oliver writes a letter to his local newspaper explaining why his teacher should be president! It’s a cute and easy-to-understand book that kids will love.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

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  1. I haven’t read any of these election theme books but they all sound great!

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