Have you heard of BookTube? It’s a community of people who make YouTube videos all about books! You can find BookTubers for children’s books, YA fiction, adult literature…any kind of book you love.

As YouTube grows in popularity, more and more parents are seeing how addictive these videos are for their children. From watching toy unboxings to makeup tutorials, kids are spending hours watching their favorite YouTube videos online by themselves and with their friends.

While I have no complaints about kids finding something they love to do, I know as parents (and as an author) that getting kids to trade in Internet time for time with their books isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Which is where BookTube comes in!

These BookTubers host reading challenges, book reviews, book giveaways, and so much more. Watching them even gets me pumped up to read, and I spend most of my days reading anyway!

So if you’re struggling to get your little one to read as much as they watch YouTube, try suggesting a BookTuber. Who knows, they might fall in love!

Did you know that I also have a few videos up online talking about the Night Buddies books? While I’m certainly no BookTube sensation, you might find them interesting. Check them out here!