Who doesn’t love a good holiday? It’s fun to look forward to special days and to plan special celebrations. But don’t limit yourself to the BIG holidays; pick some unusual, lesser-known holidays and observances and incorporate them into your 2023 plans.

HolidaysandObservances.com offers hundreds of suggestions, but we’ve listed a few of our favorites for the April through June


April – Community Service Month

April 21 – Thank You for Libraries Day

April 22 – National Jelly Bean Day

April 25 – National Crayola Day

April 27 – Tell a Story Day

April 30 – Mr. Potatoe Head Day


May –  Get Caught Reading Month

May 4 – Make a Book Day

May 10 – National Bike to School Day

May 16 – International Pickle Day

May 20  – Do Dah Day (Salute to Silliness)

May 30 – International Hug Your Cat Day


June –  National Candy Month (It’s also okra month, if you don’t have a sweet tooth)

June 1 – Flip a coin day

June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day

June 15 – National Smile Power Day

June 23 – Typewriting Day

June 29- National Handshake Day


Enjoy choosing your own crazy holidays to celebrate. We hope to catch you reading during May!