Night Buddies fans already know that a whatchamacallit is a small object with a special power. Crosley has several whatchamacallits on his belt to help him and John on their programs. Many of the whatchamacallits were created by Crenwinkle, but we’re sharing plans from his top-secret files so you can make your own! We first shared this exclusive information in September 2014, and now it’s time to pass it on to new Night Buddies readers.

I-ain’t-here doodad: The very first whatchamacallit that Crosley uses in the series is probably one of the most important! To make your own, buy a small, round magnifying glass. Don’t forget to hold it up in front of you when you need to disappear!

I-D gimcrack: This whatchamacallit not only identifies Crosley as a member of Night Buddies Amalgamated but works just like money. To make your own, draw one that looks like Crosley’s and glue in a photo of yourself so that you can be correctly identified. If you want it to look official, laminate both sides.

Rope gizmo: John and Crolsey use this whatchamacallit in Book One (Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare) to lower themselves down into a hole so that they can stop the Iguana gang. To make your own, find a small rubber ball and attach several inches of clothesline. You could also tie a jump rope, string, shoe laces, or anything else that can work like a rope!

Trap-spinner loblolly: This whatchamacallit looks like a spider and acts like one as it shoots off web-like wire! To make your own, get a rubber spider and loosely attach black pipe cleaners to its mouth. When you need to activate the whatchamacallit, let the pipe cleaners come loose!

Time-spreader dingus: This whatchamacallit slows down time so that John doesn’t get into trouble for being gone so long on Programs! To make your own, acquire a small pen light. If you pull it open (without breaking or damaging it), you’ll be using it just like Crosley does to help John!

Skeleton key: This is the key Crosley uses to open John’s front door. You can use any large, old-fashioned brass or iron door key to make your own. Decorate it however you think Crosley would like it best!

Invent your own! Create your own whatchamacallit and decide what special power it has. Share a picture with us on social media using the hashtag #NBWhatchamacallits. Tell us how it helps you on your Night Buddies adventures.