It’s nearly time for lights out! You know what that means . . . the newest Night Buddies Adventure is about to begin!

Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264 officially takes flight on Oct. 1st, but you can pre-order your copy now!


When you get your copy, let us know what you think of John and Crosley’s latest escapades. How bad do you think the iguanas stink? What would it be like to be splatted with green paint? What evil (or good) thoughts would you feed Great Aunt Beulah?

Can we ask a favor? After you’re done yerking along with all the fun, please tell your friends about Evil School Bus #264. Ask your mom or dad to help you write a short review to post on Amazon! You can even use some of the fun Night Buddies lingo!

To remind you of some of the fun things that have happened on past Night Buddies Adventures . . .

  • In Night Buddies and The Pineapple Cheesecake Scare, John and Crosley meet and have their first Program. Their assignment is to find out why all the pineapple cheesecakes are disappearing from the factory. There is danger ahead, but the Night Buddies must stay with their Program if the world’s supply of pineapple cheesecakes counts for anything. And it surely does, especially to Crosley, who never seems to get his fill.
  • Red crocodiles start popping up all over the city, creating confusion, committing crimes, and causing Crosley to go a little crazy. Now, John and Cros must use all of their wits to stop them! Stakeouts and wild chases in a fantastic flying machine, far-out schemes to snare the imposters, and a never-ending supply of Crusted Crème Fro-Madge frozen yogurt make for one totally super night. All this fun is packed into Book 2, Night Buddies Imposters, and One Far-Out Flying Machine. 
  • In Night Buddies Go Sky High, a suspicious white dot has passed through the Corkscrew Constellation and is now moving underneath the Hound Dog Stars. It looks to be a long night for sleepyhead John. Still, thanks to the time-spreader dingus with its sleep-retardant setting, he gets right into their next escapade, taking John and Crosley into the stratosphere in their newly modified personal racing blimp.