As you’re finalizing Thanksgiving plans, don’t forget the books. We’ve gathered five suggestions (including a joke book and interactive game) for the entire family to enjoy.

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids: Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road? from Ciel Publishing. Ages 8-12

What every family gathering needs is some good, clean jokes. This book provides your upper-elementary student with plenty of laughs to share at the table. Plus, you’ll find out why the turkey crossed the road. This is a Crosley favorite. Yerk! Yerk!

What You Need to Warm by Neil Gaiman. Ages 4-8

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman’s newest book is recommended for younger readers, but the simple message resonates with children, tweens, teens, and adults. The theme of Gaiman’s poem is that we all deserve to be safe and warm, and we can be grateful when we are. Gaiman’s words come alive in illustrations by thirteen talented artists.

Our Table by Peter H. Reynolds. Ages 4-8

We’ve chosen another book for a younger audience because the message is spot on for today’s families. Violet’s family used to sit around their table to eat, laugh, share stories, and, most importantly, make memories. But recently, they’ve been too busy to sit down together. Left alone, the table starts getting smaller and smaller until one day, it vanishes! Violet knows exactly how to get the table back, but can she get her family to help too?

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving by Catherine O’Neill Grace. Grade 3-7

Was the first Thanksgiving really pilgrims in black hats, Native Americans wrapped in blankets, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and turkey? Through this photo essay from National Geographic Kids, we get a more historically accurate picture. The book incorporates the perspectives of both the Wampanoag Tribe and the colonists.

Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Edition from Riddleland. 

Would you rather wear just a tablecloth to Thanksgiving dinner with your family OR a fancy outfit that is two sizes too tight? This book is filled with interactive questions for the car ride to Grandma’s house or to share around the table. Fun for the whole family!