If you’ve read the Night Buddies books, you know that the iguana gang stirs up all sorts of trouble for John and Crosley. They are a greedy, manipulative, and evil gang—all the things that Night Buddies are not. But maybe we are just misunderstanding the iguanas because we don’t know enough about them! Here are five of the most interesting facts we know about iguanas that might help you to understand the gang a little bit better.


1.)  Iguanas are among the most popular exotic animals kept as pets around the world, and because of this they’ve become an endangered species. I know if I was part of an endangered species, I might be a little crabby too!

2.)  Iguanas can be found in Mexico, Central America, several islands in the Pacific and in the Caribbean. The iguanas in the Night Buddies books must be feeling a little out of place in the city. They might just be acting out because they aren’t familiar with the area.

3.)  Iguanas are herbivores, which means that they feed on leaves, flowers, fruit, and growing shoots of 100 different species of plant. There’s a reason they don’t like pineapple cheesecake. . .it doesn’t fit in with their very healthy diet.

4.)  An iguana’s tail can be broken off by predators, though it grows back without permanent damage. The iguana gang can feel pretty confident going out to fight knowing that a part of their bodies will grow back if they are somehow harmed by their enemies.

5.)  Iguanas can decide to end their own lives if they feel they are not being well taken care of by their owners. Our iguana gang really has to look out for one another and make sure each member is taken care of to make sure that doesn’t happen!

So there you have it. The iguana gang might have their reasons for being mean and greedy creatures, but it doesn’t make them any more likeable. Maybe one day they’ll learn that being mean to others won’t solve their problems, but thankfully for now we have John and Crosley to clean up their messes!