The Night Buddies gang is pleased as punch to introduce Natalie Leininger. Natalie is a talented young artist who illustrated the fourth book in the Night Buddies series, Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264. You can see one of her illustrations from the book below.

Natalie grew up in New Jersey and has been drawing since she was young. She is now studying fine arts at the University of  Nebraska-Lincoln. In her third year at the university, she is primarily practicing oil painting but spends time outside the classroom working on a variety of projects. She has always enjoyed being with children, which makes illustration and working on Night Buddies such an enjoyable project!

Natalie strives to capture our world in bloom. Whether through the literal sense of a blooming flower or the simple act of sketching a character’s smile spreading across their face, her art is a place for all to engage in their own way. You can see more of her work by following her Instagram.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys being with friends and family, snuggling her springer spaniel Wilbur, and listening to music.