You probably know a lot about John, Crosley, and Crenwinkle, but how well do you know the other characters in the Night Buddies gang? Today we will learn more about Fast Fanny, Lonnie, and Ronald Oglesby.


Fast Fanny Farnsworth

Fast Fanny runs the All-Night Emporium, which sells and services far-out flying machines. There couldn’t be a Program without her. When author Sands Hetherington created Fanny, he fashioned her after a stereotypical, somewhat pushy car salesperson. She definitely stays pushy; then he gave her more talents: mechanic and consummate service-after-the-sale exemplar. Fanny loves working with John and Crosley but admits that Crosley can sometimes drive her up the wall.


Big Huge Lonnie

Sands introduced Lonnie to the Night Buddies universe, so Crosley would have a pineapple cheesecake stand to visit. Crosley is Lonnie’s number-one customer! (Also, his numbers two, three, four, and five.) The pair really depend on each other. Lonnie is big, friendly, and often a target of the evil Iguana Gang.


Rodney Oglesby

According to Sands, someone to run a sauerkraut and jellybean hot dog cart was essential to the plot. Rodney is another colorful character with a bit of a Scottish accent. He’s also quite the racing blimp aficionado. And those sauerkraut and jelly bean hot dogs? Rodney owns the secret recipe, which is why we can’t share it here.


You can enjoy all the characters in Night Buddies and Evil School Bus #264, coming soon!