Night Buddies is now ten years old!

The very first Night Buddies Adventure, Night Buddies and The Pineapple Cheesecake Scare, was released in the Summer of 2012. The fourth book, Night Buddies and The Evil School Bus will be out soon!

It all started with night adventures conjured by author Sands Hetherington and his son John. Together they created Crosley and knew the friendly crocodile had to be red. They imagined the late-night programs that would entertain any young boy (or girl) not quite ready to go to sleep. Along the way, quirky NIght Buddy vocabulary emerged (Yerk! Yerk!), and readers, parents, and reviewers knew something fresh and entertaining was afoot.

Here are some of our earliest reviews:

“Night Buddies is visionary, conceptual, and a forecast of fun for children and schoolteachers alike. Author Sands Hetherington with mastery unveils creativity with purpose, inventions in language, and makes reading fun.”
-Al Carrozza, author of Universal Enzyme

“Hetherington seems to have the right ingredients for a classic children’s whodunit—talking animals, an unsolved mystery and a brave hero willing to face unforeseen foes…”
-Kirkus Reviews

This fast-paced, warm-hearted story is written in several amusing dialects and will appeal to kids from 8 to 10 or 11. Boys who are reluctant readers will especially enjoy it.”
-P. Joy Webster, school librarian and author of Don’t come here, Julie! chosen as Book of the Year 2010 (Young Adult Science Fiction category)


And from our readers:

“The story was great, and I’m not lying to you. I loved the whole thing.” -Your friend, Rick

I normally think books are boring, but yours was great!” -Rocky

“I liked the word excelsior. How did you think it up?” -Aaron

“I thought it was the best story in the world. My favorite part was the part when Crosley started doing the Black Bottom. I really loved it.” -Mary D.


Thanks for being part of our first decade! We look forward to sharing the next Night Buddies Adventure with you!