Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! John and Cros have a special holiday treat for you! They planned to send pineapple cheesecake, but when they go to the factory, it was a mess! And Jones, the pineapple cheesecake machine was jammed!

So, they decided to share a scene from the upcoming Night Buddies No. 4: Night Buddies and the Evil School Bus!




Half a minute later we crawled out onto the Factory floor.

Cros took out his nose plugs and sniffed.

I sniffed too. It was something bad, really bad.

“Cros, what—–UK!—–IS that?”

I reached for my own nose plugs and Cros jammed his back in.

“I ain’t sure whad it is, buddy, but (GUK!) whadever it is, it’s god the power!”

There was yellow dust all over the Factory floor, and yellow haze in the air, and there were boards jammed in all along the Machine’s conveyor belt. All that, and NO BIG FOOT MAE!

And then the door to the outside busted open, and filling up the whole thing was this gigantic green something wearing a gas mask and holding a big box fan.

Me and Cros froze.

The green heap set the fan down in the open door and got it going, and while it sucked out the yellow haze, the heap hosed down the Factory floor. When the haze was gone, off came the gas mask.

“Mighty good seein’ you back, Night Buddies. How’d things get on down yonder?”

It was Mae, all right, painted green just like me in the last Program.

I took out my nose plugs: “Tell ya in a second, Mae. First, what all’s happened here?”

Cros blinked and took out his own nose plugs: “Yeah, Big Foot, an’ where’d ya collect all that green paint?”

Mae looked down at herself and back at him: “I expect you might know about that, Crosley. There was this knockin’ right befo’ you got back up here, an’ I open up the do’, an’ there’s this school bus outside. An’ quick as that, the whole Iguana Gang rush in wid green spray paint an’ wood planks, an’ commence paintin’ me an’ jammin’ up Jones wid the planks. ‘Hig! Hig! Hig!,’ they kept goin’, ‘Gonna put Big Butt outta bidness!’ An’ fo’ I could spit, they throwed in some stink bombs an’ run back out the do’. An’ lemme tell ya sump’m else. That school bus can fly!”

“Mm-hm,” me and Cros both nodded.

“An’ they jump in the bus an’ was gone! Flew off!” She stopped and looked down at us: “Who’s Big Butt?”

“Ya don’t wanna know,” grinned Crosley.



Night Buddies and the Evil School Bus coming in 2023!