Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to daylight savings? I sure am! Did you know that the group daylight savings is the hardest on are parents? It’s not easy for kids to adjust to a new sleeping schedule, which can mean long, sleepless nights for both kids and parents alike.  If you’re in need of a good bedtime story to get those little ones tuckered out, you’re in luck. I just so happen to be an excellent bedtime storyteller, and I have the secrets that will help you be one too!

sleeping child with book

1. Put your child in the story.

Whether it’s princesses or superheroes (or superhero princesses), allowing your child the opportunity to be in the story stretches their thinking muscles and enhances their language skills. It also gives them the chance to develop and enhance another muscle…their imagination!

2. Put your child in the storyteller’s seat. 

Ask your child to go back and forth with you completing parts of a bedtime story. For example, you’ll say “Once upon a time there was a red crocodile named Crosley.” After that, your child might say, “He had a best friend named John.” Go back and forth until someone gets to, “the end!”

3. Take an old story and add a unique spin to it.

This is an old trick that writers and storytellers have always used. Take an old story that everyone knows like “Red Riding Hood” and re-imagine it. What is Red Riding Hood could fly? What if Jack didn’t climb the beanstalk, so he decided to take the elevator instead? Let your imagination run wild!

4. Use a free storytelling website like Storyberries.

There is an endless amount of content on the Internet for you to read to your child, but some websites even specialize in providing you with free bedtime stories! Storyberries allows you to pick from short stories, poems, and fairytales to make your life easier than ever.