We are just days away from December 1st, and you know what that means…it’s time to start your holiday shopping! While you know your children’s letters to Santa probably include the latest toys, games, and technology, another great thing to put under the tree or use as a stocking stuffer are books. But how do you pick a book your child will love? Read on for my book-giving tips!

Give a book related to their interests. If your child loves sports, pick a book that centers around sports, or if they love animals, try books like those in the popular Animal Ark series. When they’re interested in and can relate to the book’s story, it’s bound to be a hit!

Give a holiday-themed book. Since this is a holiday gift, stories centered around the holiday season will lift their holiday spirits, and could even become a must-read through the holiday season throughout their entire lives.

Give a book at their reading-level. Books given as gifts should not be given like homework—they won’t look forward to reading it if it is a struggle to read. Save the real literature and challenging reads for their school silent-reading hours, and gift them with something light and enjoyable!

Give a book you loved as a kid. Passing along old favorites is something my parents did, and when I read a book I knew they loved, I felt connected to them. Your kids will cherish the story you’ve given them, the way they would cherish a handed down bracelet or doll. Even better if you can find the copy you read when you were a child, for the novelty of it!

Have you ever received a book as a gift? How did you feel about that gift choice? Let me know in the comments below!