Can you believe we’re only just over a month away from another presidential election? More young people seem to be getting involved than ever before, and it’s important for your younger kiddos to understand what everyone in the world seems to be talking about!

Here are a few books that touch on democracy and elections for a younger crowd. Read them together all the way through November!

A Kids Book About Voting, by Next Up

This book was actually created by a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting youth voices in our democracy. It explains what voting is, how it works, and examines its influence through the lens of American history. It also challenges kids to wonder: why is it important? And who do you think should be able to vote?

Vote For Me, by Ben Clanton

This book features, unsurprisingly, a donkey and an elephant going head-to-head during an election. It’s a clever take on the nomination process and the negativity that often prevails, showcasing how absurdities are made prevalent and how mud-slinging tactics are often utilized to make a candidate’s case. This works as a great picture book for younger kids, but can be used as a conversation starter for older ones too!

We Are The Change, by Chronicle Books

The description of this book is what compelled me to pick it up, so I’ll leave you with it!

“Sixteen award-winning children’s book artists illustrate the civil rights quotations that inspire them in this stirring and beautiful book. Featuring an introduction by Harry Belafonte, words from Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. among others, this inspirational collection sets a powerful example for generations of young leaders to come.”


Have you spoke to your kids about the upcoming election? Let me know in the comments below!