Three major holidays will be observed in communities around the world during April. An excellent way to explore a celebration you might not be familiar with is to read a children’s book together. These books can help introduce you to some of the traditions.

Ramadan – For our Islamic friends, April 2-May 2 is the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan celebrates Mohammad’s first revelation. The celebration includes fasting from dawn to sunset, giving to the poor, red decorations, and sharing feasts (after sundown) with family and friends.

Suggested children’s book:  Under the Ramadan Moon

Ramadan is one of the most special months of the Islamic year, when Muslims pray, fast, and help those in need. The lyrical story, with luminous illustrations, serves as an introduction to Ramadan―a time for reflection and ritual with family and friends. A detailed note about Ramadan is included.

Passover – April 15-23 is Passover, which is observed by the Jewish community and commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people out of Egypt.

Suggested children’s book: Pippa’s Passover Plate.

Sundown is near, and it’s almost time for the Seder to begin—but where is Pippa’s special Passover plate? Filled with rhymes and repetition, this book introduces the Passover plate with its six essential symbolic items: zeroah (a roasted bone), beitzah,(an egg), maror and charoset (bitter herbs), chazeret (mortar or paste), and karpas (a spring vegetable).

Easter – April 15. On Easter Sunday, Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Christ and greet each other with the words He is Risen!
Suggested children’s book: The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story.
Our favorite bear family discovers that Easter is more than candy and egg hunts as the Bear cubs learn about Jesus’ resurrection at Sunday school.