A Single Dad’s Memoir

It was a terrible shock when my ex-wife first told me that she was going to be moving away and taking our son John with her. I did everything I could to talk her out of leaving, especially since this was at a time when mothers were usually always granted custody by the courts, but […]

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Rescuing Bedtime Stories: 4 Ways to Create Stories When You’re Storied Out

Sharing bedtime stories with your child is an important night-time ritual for many parents. In fact, research has shown that children of parents who have bedtime stories show increased brain activity, particularly vocabulary and logic skills. Those skills will serve as the foundation for a better reader for the rest of their life. Bedtime stories also deepen […]

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Create Your Own Bedtime Stories at Tuck-In Time!

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As you read in our first blog post, the world of Night Buddies started out as original bedtime stories shared between father and son and then turned into the 5-time-award winning children’s book series that it is today. In this blog we will talk about some ways you can create bedtime stories with your children. These […]

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